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Update: 11/20/11

I want to apologize for not continuing on with the Journey Toward Healthy Living series. I actually have good reason I didn’t not complete the other seasons and I hope to share those reasons with you soon. This journey toward healthy living is taking place in my life right now. I need to fully understand my focus before I share it with others. I am still going strong with our journey but some of my focuses have changed. I hope to share more about it soon. Thanks for your patience and please do read the posts below.

The page is for people who want to begin their journey toward healthy living.

It may be the first steps toward any journey are the most difficult. This is why I have decided to offer some easy to follow small steps toward healthy living. We will begin the journey by making a decision. Right now you need to decide whether living a healthy lifestyle is important to you. The only way to begin a journey is to make a decision to start. Are you ready to start your journey?

Hopefully your answer was yes.

If a journey can be broken down into parts it is easier to follow, so we will break this journey into four seasons of change. The fours seasons of change will begin where ever you are in the journey and end with the ability to repeat the cycle of change.

The Let’s Learn About Series

Follow our journey.
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