Of all the animals at the homestead, the horses are my favorite. I am still that horse crazy girl that started in childhood. I love that I can see my horses as well as my neighbors horses out most of the windows of our home. I was 13 when I had my first riding lesson at a ranch in near Burbank, Ca. I didn’t have my own horse but would use any excuse to be at the barn and just hang out. I cleaned tack, stalls, bathed, groomed and enjoyed it all thoroughly.

I didn’t get my own horses until I was an adult but spent my youth learning as much as I could through books and experience. Today we have 2 horses.

Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow

Farm girl and her horse.

Captain is a Quarter horse mix gelding. He is 14.2 hands and is approx. 30 years old. We bought him for our oldest daughter when she was 12. Now he belongs to our youngest daughter. He has been a wonderful teaching horse for my kids and their friends. Captain has a stubborn streak which makes him a great horse for learning persistence and consistency.  I hope to have a few more good years with him. I will be a sad day when he is no longer with us.


Me and Diamond

Diamond and Olive

Diamond is a 15.4 hand 17 year old Standardbred mare. My friend gave her to me about nine years. She owned her for a few years after adopting her from a horse rescue. She has been a great horse for me. We have had a lot of adventures together and I hope we have many years of adventures to come. She is an alpha mare so most horses can’t get within 10 feet of her otherwise she will kick. She has kicked and kicked at a number of horses. She has a love/hate relationship with Captain. He doesn’t want him too close but  gets very upset if he’s too far away.

I have always dreamed of having lots of horses but I am very happy with just the two at this point in my life. I am sure we will have more horses on our mini farm in the future. Our youngest daughter is becoming quit the equestrian and will need a horse to fit her needs as a rider.

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