I started my first garden only three years ago (2010). The first year I started a thrown together vegetable garden. I did everything wrong but the one good things about that garden was that it got me started. Years prior to the first garden I had been wishing and hoping to start one. Finally I decided, I was just going to start a garden.

Though my first year garden was a flop I did learn a few things. The next year I was more knowledgeable, thanks to friends, books and the internet. Year two was much better than year one. I harvested tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, lettuce, pumpkins, watermelon and potatoes. It was great! The satisfaction I got from eating food that I had grown in my garden was wonderful.

Now, I am on year three (2010). I wish I could say it went better than year two but I can’t. It’s not like it was a flop. I did harvest a lot of great vegetables and fruits but not nearly the amount I was hoping for. Like the first year garden, I did learn a lot this year and have plans to improve next years garden. This year I planted a winter crop which includes Swiss chard and salad mix.

If you are interested in reading what I have learned during my gardening journey or have any tips you can share follow the link below to my journal entries on gardening.

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