Update On Our Healthy Living Journey and An Apology

I want to first start off by offering my apologies for not posting about our healthy living journey in a while. In particular, the Journey Toward Healthy Living series that seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth. Though I have written much about our journey, we are still on it. We are still striving for healthier living but some of my focuses have changed and that is part of the reason I stop writing. In order for me to share my journey with you, I need to have a good understanding of it myself. We are still actively pursuing healthy living through our eating habits but I may have been a bit ambitious to think that I could make changes as fast as I was trying to. I still think changes can be within a year’s time like I described in the Seasons of Change challenge. I just think I needed to have gone through a whole season before I shared it with you all.

Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls

I would like to share some of the changes I was able to and was not able to make these past few months.
Some of the changes I was trying to make.
  • make and eat cultured dairy(yogurt, sour cream, cream cheese)
  • make homemade wheat bread bread regularly, preferably sour dough or sprouted wheat
  • make and eat fermented foods
  • make homemade body care products
  • soak beans in whey before cooking
  • make bone broths
Changes I was actually able to make.
  • make homemade wheat bread on a regular basis
  • make chicken broth on a regular basis
  • occasionally make homemade yogurt
  • occasionally make homemade sour cream
Some of the problems I encountered.
  • Time – Sometimes I just don’t have enough time to make things homemade.
  • Taste- We tried a few of the fermented recipes and so far my family is not fond of any of them. I will keep trying. My dairy goat, BoPeep, was have issues with the taste of her milk for a while. No one in the house wanted to drink her milk and it wasn’t good for making yogurts either. We think we have solved the problem and I have back to making more cultured dairy.
  • As Needed-  I have discovered that some homemade body care products are good to know how to make but not necessarily worth making on a regular basis. Toothpaste, for instance is a great thing to know how to make but the time it takes to make it and my dislike for the consistency makes it not worth it. I have decide that some things belong a book or journal of  all the things I can make if ever need be.  There are some things that are worth making but time is not always on my side.
How I plan to solves some of these problems.
I know that if I organized my time better, then some of my issues with not having enough time would be resolved. I am working on organizing my life better. The first thing I was able to change in my life with regards to time is making the most of my mornings by getting up early. I now get up at 5:50 on most days. I am able to make lunches for my husband and son, breakfast for the family, do my bible study and maintain a regular cleaning schedule. I always knew getting up early would be liberating in some way, I just didn’t realize how much.
I have come to realization that some people don’t have taste buds and that’s why they are OK with eating nasty food. Just kidding, but some nutritious foods are really hard for to me to enjoy. Over time you do develop a taste for things you never thought you would. But there are certain things that would take real starvation to convince my taste buds to enjoy. Since I am striving for a nutrition motivated lifestyle, I will continue retrain my taste buds.  I keep telling my picky little seven year old when she doesn’t want to eat normal things like scrabbled eggs, ” I know there are worse things you could be eating.” And truthfully, the things that I don’t particularly like are really not all that bad. I just have never become accustom to certain foods and textures. But, it’s never too late to develop tastes for things you don’t like.
The other issue is that some things I just need to learn how to make better. I have discovered through my years as a cooking mom, most recipes can be improved or there is a better recipe out there.
As Needed
I started a homesteading journal where I will record all the recipes for homemade body care products I have tried and love. This way, if I ever really NEED to make homemade toothpaste, I can refer to my journal.
Have you been able to make some healthy changes to your diet? How are you doing with your journey?

Happy New Year! A Year in Review and Goals for 2012

Wow! I can’t believe 2011 is over. It seems like just yesterday I wrote this post about my goals for the year. My goals list for 2011 were a bit ambitious but I am glad I wrote them. I can now look back and review what I wanted at the beginning of last year and decide what I want to do for 2012.

It might have been a good idea to actually review my list of goals sometime during the year. I might have accomplished more if I had reviewed the list once or twice. But, oh well. All I can do now is look at it and see what I actually accomplished.

Like I said before, my list was a bit ambitious but it was doable. But much of it was not accomplished. Instead of writing only about what I didn’t do I am going to talk about the things I did get accomplished from my goals list and some things that were not on the list. The year 2011 was eventful to say the least. I felt like I got a lot accomplished and learned a whole lotta stuff.

My goals were divided into eight categories. Read the rest of this entry »

Merry Christmas from the Weathers Family!

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and New Year.  Here is our Christmas photo for 2011.

We also decided to have some fun with our holiday photos. Here are our fun photos.  We hope it makes you smile 🙂

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Merry Christmas from Mr. Pumpkin Man :)

Remember these pumpkins?

Well, I wasn’t ready to move on from autumn to winter so….

… meet Mr. Pumpkin Man!

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