Dreaming, Journaling and a New Year


I’m a firm believer in journaling. Writing down your thoughts and reading them later is an essential part of growth. Journaling is an important part of my life. I enjoy keeping track of accomplishments and recording failures because it enables me to see growth in my life. I don’t even have to record things very often for it to be helpful. I think journaling should be something everyone should AT LEAST TRY.

I have several different journals that are updated on various occasions. I don’t actually write in these journals very often but, I am of the mindset that doing something is better than nothing. As long as you have something to look back and reflect on, you will likely benefit from journaling.

I started journaling when I was a child. Most of my journal entries resembled lists and notes back then. But, I also daydreamed a lot and would often write them in a diary. Dreaming is huge part of journaling , if you ask me. Like most children, I really enjoyed daydreaming. In fact, I enjoyed it so much I remember getting excited about going on long car rides. This gave me plenty of time to dream about horses. Especially, car rides along a countryside. The countryside is the absolute best place to be riding a beautiful grey stallion. So naturally, the horse lover that I am, I was eager to imagine myself riding a horse across the countryside. My imaginary horse was an excellent jumper too. Any obstacles in the way were no match for my trusty steed. But, I’m also a bit of a realist so if there were too many obstacles I would cease my riding daydream and start a new daydream that made more sense.

So, what does my walk down memory lane have to do with journaling anyway? Well, without imagination, dreams and a childlike spirit, journaling would be boring. I think people who feel recording their thoughts and dreams a waste of time have lost a part of themselves. Maybe it’s the part that grew up and has to pay bills and buy groceries. Or perhaps the dreams stopped because life got to busy. All the more reason time should be made for journaling, if you ask me.

Journaling comes in all shapes and sizes. We can record our thoughts in drawings, scrapbooking or in stories. And we don’t have to spend a lot of time with it either. I started a diary for my oldest daughter when she was a newborn. I tried to write in that thing often but it didn’t happen. At first the entries were days apart, then months and then years. It would have been really cool if I had kept up with the monthly entries but when you add two more kids and a whole host of other responsibilities, journaling gets put on the back burner. But guess what? I have eighteen years worth of journal entries all in one book. Though some entries are years apart, I still have them. I love reading those entries.  I love looking back and seeing how I’ve grown from the child I once was and remembering  the first’s of parenting. So, something really is better than nothing when there are years behind you. There are enough pressures in the world, lets not make the pressure of journaling often take value away from journaling sometimes.

I have a journal for just about every area of my life. The garden journal keeps track of what I am learning about gardening in my area. I keep track of what variety of  vegetables and fruits that are worth growing. My garden journal has been extremely helpful to me. I think I have avoided repeat failures because I took the time to write down things that did and didn’t work. I also have a general homesteading journal. Lots of drawings of future barns and animal enclosures in the homesteading journal. I have several personal journals as well. There is really nothing like looking back and recognizing how God has worked in my life. God can truly do amazing things in a life that is open to growth.

My challenge is to those of you who have given up on or never tried journaling , to give it a try(again). The year 2013 could be the beginning of the wonders of self discovery. And, don’t forget to include dreams in your journal entries. Draw pictures and paste objects in them too. Just like you probably did when you were a child 🙂 .

2 Responses to “Dreaming, Journaling and a New Year”

  • Eve:

    I would also like to encourage every one to start journaling. When you document your thoughts and dreams, these thoughts and dreams would likely to be materialised compared to no documentation. I looked back at my journals started since secondary and major milestones stated in there are achived with age thus far. Connect with yourself through journaling.

  • Mona:

    Thank you for sharing Eve 🙂

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