A Photo Update

I hope all has been well with you. I have been a bit busy over here at Fair Weathers Ranch and have not had time to update. I decided a photo update was better than nothing. So here goes 🙂


Our yellow Dahlia’s are beginning to bloom 🙂

Our first batch of ducklings are growing fast. The Pekin is huge now. So huge that it’s have difficulty walking. Not sure if it’s the accelerated growth or lack of nutrients but it’s not doing to well.

We decided the duck needed to exercise it’s leg muscles in water. So, I have it swim in this tub a few times a day. It seems to be much happier with the weight off it’s legs but the tub is quite small so it tries to get out after a few minutes.


Miss Munchkin and I have been riding our horses more often lately. Here she is with her horse Captain at our front door. He probably would have come in the house if she had let him. 🙂


What’s been going on with you all lately?


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