Garden Update and The Garden Plan for 2012

I am soooo excited about the 2012 gardening year! How about you? This year will be my 5th year of gardening and I think it’s going to be a good year. There are several reasons I am so excited about gardening this year but first let me bring you up to date on what’s going on in my garden.

Last year I shared with you my garden plan with a diagram of how I wanted our garden to look and where I wanted everything planted. There are some things that have changed in my plans so I decided to make a new diagram.

We added a water-less duck moat to the plan after realizing how much I like the ducks by the garden. We also added an entertainment area. Right now all we have is a ceramic fire pit in that area but hope to add some things to the area this summer. Right now we only have one T-frame in Garden Area 2 but plan to build at least two more this spring.

I am so excited about getting our small orchard started. We have two peach and two cherry trees planted. We also have two plum trees that we have not planted yet.  I hope to be able to add two apple trees this year as well.  Garden Area 1 has lots of garlic, onions and asparagus planted. I decided to use this garden area for perennial  and cool season veggies.

The reason I am so excited about this year’s garden is because for the first time I feel like I am ahead a little. In years past, I have felt like time was not on my side and just barely getting things planted on time or not at all.  I also have 4 years of gardening experience behind me. I am by no means an expert but I have learned a lot about gardening in those 4 years.

If I could only offer a new gardener one piece of advice. It would be to start a garden journal. I use a simple composition book to journal in. In this journal, I record my goals and plans as well as successes and failures. I also draw diagrams and paste articles from magazines. It’s really helpful to have a journal of my experiences and goals.

If I could offer a second piece of advice. It would be to gather gardening information through books and websites. I do realize this can become overwhelming with all the books available on gardening. So, start by purchasing The Mittleider Garden Course and then watch the film Back to Eden. Mittleider will explain the required nutrients plants need to grow healthy. Back to Eden will offer you a way to grow your plants that is affective and sustainable. Right now I am doing the Mittleider method but I’m trying to move toward the gardening principles described in the Back to Eden film.

How are you gardening plans coming along? Do you have a garden journal? 

8 Responses to “Garden Update and The Garden Plan for 2012”

  • Lovely layout you have Mona. I can’t wait to see your duck moat in person! That’s very exciting!!!!

  • Looks like a great plan! I would love to see the duck moat. I have ten Khaki Campbell ducks that currently use a plastic swimming pool but I’ve been pondering a larger duck pond for them but haven’t come up with any great ideas yet. Your moat has piqued my interest and I’m curious as to how you’re going to fabricate it, clean it, etc.

    I’m slowly getting my garden going. I like the journal idea. I think that will help me become a better gardener.

  • Mona:

    Thanks Amy :). I guess I should have clarified in the moat is not going to be filled with water. It’s going to be more like a duck run than a moat 🙂

  • Mona:

    I guess I should have clarified that the duck moat is not going to be filled with water. It’s more like a duck run than a moat. We will have a pool in there somewhere for them. I will be sure to take photos and post them when it’s all finished :). Thanks for stopping by!

  • Debbie:

    Thanks for the inspriations. With gardening you will always be learning new things so it’s nice to hear how and what is working for others. For me the hoop house has add a new dimension to my gardening. I’m able to improve on its use every year. Currently, I’m studing up on auqaponics and considering how that might be added to the homestead plan here on my small space.
    On your duck moat, will you be able to let them into the garden for pest control?

  • Mona:

    I think I will have too many delicate things in the garden for the ducks to trample. I think I will just let them in after the harvest season is over, that way they can clean up all the left overs. They did that very nicely for me last year. I have been considering aquaponics too. I would love to be able to have a small fish farm. Thanks for stopping by Debbie 🙂

  • Your layout looks amazing. I really like the duck moat.

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