Where to Buy Organic Foods and Natural Products Online

Since the start of our journey toward healthy living, I have been searching for ways to save money. Most of us are aware of the fact that organic foods are usually more expensive than non-organic. The price of organic foods is usually the reason people choose not to buy them.  With a little bit of searching and planning I have found that our food budget is usually no higher  than it was before we started this journey. Even if I had not found ways to save money and did pay a little extra, I would. My husband and I have decided paying a little extra for healthy whole foods is much better alternative to paying doctor bills.

For the most part, I no longer shop at my local grocery store anymore. I do get a few things here an there from the grocery store but most of my shopping is now done online. I buy a lot in bulk but not everything. The key is not to buy snack foods. You should avoid buying snack foods for two reasons. One, snack foods are addicting. Two, even organic snack foods are usually heavily processed and not healthy to eat.

Most of  our produce and meats  are purchase from local farmers. I also trade eggs for beef  from my neighbor who happens to be a grass-fed beef farmer. Trading is great way to get food healthy food for your family. Local farmers markets are also a great place to find organic foods at reasonable prices. At least that has been my experience.

There are two places I shop online on a regular basis- Azure Standard and Amazon.com. Azure is our main food shopping source but I have found better prices for some things on Amazon. For instance,  Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from Amazon is at a great price, especially if you buy it through subscription. The prices do fluctuate though. Sometimes by several dollars but the prices are always better if you buy through subscription and many items qualify for free shipping.

Since Azure Standard delivers only once a month, I needed to find other online companies where I could purchase items between Azure orders. Azure also doesn’t have everything I need.

Where We Currently Buy Our Organic Food and Natural Products

Amazon- We only order every few months from here.

What we buy :  Nutiva coconut oil and natural organic peanut better.

Azure Standard- We pick up a once a month order but I do believe you can have them deliver to your home but have to pay shipping costs.

What we buy : Hard white wheat berries, organic dried fruits and nuts, organic frozen berries, butter, raw cheddar cheese, spices and oatmeal. This is not a complete list but just some of the things we buy regularly.

Frontier- They have a great wholesale catalog you can shop through if you want to start a Buying Club. I will probably be purchasing items from here more regularly. Probably once every other month.

What we buy: Organic black tea, herbal teas, vanilla beans and essential oils.

Other Online Stores

I haven’t purchased from any of these online stores yet but plan to.

Vitacost- Free shipping on orders over $49

iHerb- Free shipping on orders over $20

Nurticity- Free shipping on orders over $25 and earn 5% back on your purchases. This website also sells bulk items and cases.

Cultures for Health- This is where you can buy great products for making your own cultured foods like cheese, yogurt and lacto-fermented foods. They also offer some great videos on how to make your own cultured foods. They have flat shipping rate of $3.95.

LuckyVitamin- Free shipping on orders over $100.


Do you purchase organic food online? If so, have you used any of the websites I have mentioned or do you know of any other website?  

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