Raising Homesteaders Blog Hop #3

Wow, the weeks are going by fast. It’s seems like just yesterday we started this blog hop. Anyway, I do have lots to share but unfortunately don’t have to time to write about it this week. My brother and I went to go pick up our mother from the hospital. She fell last Friday and broker her ankle. I am actually writing this post on Tuesdays so if all went well, we pick her up and brought her to my house.

I can’t wait to read the great posts you all have to share about your young homesteaders. I do have a favor to ask of you. In order for this blog hop to grow it needs to be seen by others, so please link back to this post with a text link or the button below. Thanks so much!


  1.  Write a blog post about the kids in your life that are learning homesteading skills. Include the Raising Homesteaders blog hop button with a link (or just a link if you choose) in your blog post. Visit this post for an introduction to the blog hop. 
  2. Come back here and click on the “Click Here to Enter” link to include your post. Be sure to use your blog post url not just your homepage url (example: http://healthyhomesteading.com/2011/08/raising-homesteaders-blog-hop-introduction/).
  3. If you don’t have a blog or time to write a blog post you are still welcome to participate in the blog hop by commenting your update below. 
Copy button image and use this link for the button: 

4 Responses to “Raising Homesteaders Blog Hop #3”

  • Still having trouble with the Linky Tools. I just stops when I click on the image button at the bottom. This is happening on all the blog hops that use this same form. I’m not having trouble with any others. Weird!

    Anyway, here is my link for this week.. Thanks again for hosting and bless you as you care for your mother during her recovery. My mom broke her ankle about 6 1/2 years ago and stayed with us for 6 weeks. It was a really bad break. Hope your mom’s break heals quickly.


  • Mona:

    Anita Chamblee,

    Hi Anita,
    Not sure why that’s happening. I put your link up for you. I hope I pick the photo you wanted.

    Thanks for participating and thanks for your kind words. I ended up not coming home. I am at my moms and probably won’t be home until next week.

  • ann:

    I am so sorry to hear about your mom’s broken ankle. I broke mine Jan. 21, 2007. Stepped out of the house to get the newspaper. It had snowed just enough to cover a bit of ice, that, of course, I stepped on. I was non weight bearing for 15.5 weeks. My ankle is held together with 8 screws and a plate. If she needs any moral support, please have her email me. If she was hospitalized, she must have had a very serious break. I’d be glad to chat with her. I took up crocheting and had my daughter buy me a lap top! Good luck.

  • Mona:

    Thank you Ann! As of now my mom doesn’t need surgery. I hope for her sake she doesn’t have to because 15 weeks would be very difficult for her. Thanks for your concern :).

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