Raising Homesteaders Blog Hop #2 – Kids, Cats and Gardens.

Today is our second Raising Homesteader Blog Hop. Last weeks blog hop only had a few entries so I hope there will be more this week. I hope you all know that you don’t have to have a large homestead to join this blog hop. It doesn’t matter whether you live in an apartment or on an 80 acre farm. If you have a child that is learning skills related to homesteading, please write about it. Topics can include children learning about gardening, homemaking, preserving, caring for livestock and harvesting (there are plenty more topics too). Your post can be just a photo with a title or a detail tutorial. If you don’t live at the same place the homesteading education is taking place, that’s perfectly fine. You might be involved with a community garden or the child’s grandparents have a farm. Did your child learn anything about livestock at the county fair?

Please feel free to leave a comment if you don’t have a blog post to share. Instructions are at the bottom of this post.

Kids, Cats and Gardens

Our youngest daughter loves all of the animals on the homestead but I think some of her favorites are the cats. Both of our cats are pretty gentle and enjoy her company. The cats really enjoy the garden too. Our daughter has learned that they enjoy being apart of the garden activity. The cats are great at chasing the grasshoppers and keep the gophers out.

A little girl and her cat, Dutchess.

One thing that is great about most kitties is that they will only tolerate so much. Our cats have taught our daughter,at an early age, that pulling whiskers and too much rough play is not allowed. Our orange cat, Nick, gently scratched her when she was only about 3 or 4 years old. It was after she pulled his whiskers. You can see from the photo he tolerates being held by a child but when it comes to his whiskers, he says, enough. The day he scratched her he didn’t even break the skin but she still learned a lot from that experience.

A little girl with her cat, Nick.

Our Dutchess kitty is a little less tolerant. She let’s my daughter pick her up in all different positions but at any moment the cat may be startled and scratch her as she is trying to escape. She was an adult cat when we rescued her. We found her in the attic of our church. It looked like she had been up there for a number of days because she was skin and bones. She is one of the sweetest cats we have owned but she can still be a little skiddish. Another funny thing about her is that she HATES cold weather. She turns into a grumpy kitty in the winter and rarely likes to be touched. As soon as the sun warms the outdoors again she is out looking for affection.

Our little homesteader is learning what it takes to be a good cat owner and how they can benefit the vegetable garden by keeping out the critters.

What have your little (or bigger)  homesteaders been up to lately?


  1.  Write a blog post about the kids in your life that are learning homesteading skills. Include the Raising Homesteaders blog hop button with a link (or just a link if you choose) in your blog post. Visit this post for an introduction to the blog hop. 
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