What’s in My Pantry, You Ask?

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Ok, maybe you didn’t ask but I thought I would share the contents of my pantry, cupboards and fridge with you. The following items are my main source of food and cooking supplies. I don’t always have all of these items on hand at the same time but throughout the month I usually have all of them in my house at some point. Some of the foods I am trying to incorporate more of and some I use on a regular basis. There are also items I didn’t include because I either don’t use them enough or forgot to mention. This list will also be located onΒ My Pantry page, so when I add new things or make changes you can find it there. Hopefully, now that I have shared my pantry contents with you I will be inspired to get some recipes posted.

You will notice the list includes mostly organic foods and if you are wondering how in the world I am able to buy most of my foods organic, it’s not because we are rich. Since my husband lost his job two years ago and now has to work at a much lower pay we have had to learn to be very frugal. It’s seems the terms frugal and organic are polar opposites but the truth is they are not. Yes, organic is expensive but if you are willing to make most of your foods from scratch then you too can have a pantry that contains mostly organic foods. Yes, it’s hard work but if you are determined as I am to live a healthy lifestyle and trust that God can make it happen for you, you will see great things come from it. Hard work is all part of the appreciation of what God provides.


My Pantry

Cooking Oils

  • Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Light Olive Oil
  • Red Palm Oil


  • Red Wine Vinegar
  • Balsamic Vinegar


  • Organic Black Tea
  • Organic Oolong Tea
  • Organic Peppermint leaves
  • Organic Chamomile blossoms
  • Kombucha Tea

Seasons and Spices

  • Organic Garlic – granulated
  • Sea Salt
  • Celtic Sea Salt
  • Whole Pepper
  • Organic Dried Basil
  • Organic Dried Oregano
  • Cumin
  • Dried Rosemary
  • Dried Thyme
  • Organic Dried Minced Onions
  • Tomato Powder
  • Mustard Powder
  • Arrowroot Powder
  • Organic Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg

Baking Products

  • Baking Soda
  • Baking Powder -Aluminum Free
  • Vital Wheat Gluten
  • Organic Freshly Milled White Wheat Flour
  • Unbleached White Flour
  • Organic Rye Flour
  • Organic Soft White Wheat Flour
  • Organic Sprouted White Wheat Flour


  • Raw Honey
  • Maple Syrup -Grade B
  • Rapadura or Sucanat
  • Organic Sugar (for occasional baking/cooking and Kombucha)
  • Sorghum

Seeds, Nuts ,Grains, etc.

  • Organic Sesame Seeds
  • Organic Peanuts – unsalted
  • Organic Almonds
  • Organic Rolled Oats
  • Organic Jasmine Brown Rice
  • Organic Black Beans
  • Pinto Beans
  • Red Lentils
  • Yellow Split Peas
  • Wheat Berries
  • Rye Berries

Dried Fruits

  • Organic Thomas Raisins
  • Organic Prunes (occasional)

Fresh Fruits

  • Organic Bananas
  • Organic Apples
  • Oranges
  • and whatever is in season.

Fresh Vegetables

  • Organic Dark Green Lettuce
  • Homegrown Chard (during growing season)
  • Organic or Homegrown Spinach
  • Organic or Homegrown Green Onions
  • Organic Yellow and Red Onions
  • Organic Garlic
  • Organic Shallots
  • Organic Sweet Potatoes
  • Organic Russet Potatoes
  • Organic or Homegrown Tomatoes
  • and whatever is in season.


  • Raw Goat Milk
  • Raw Yogurt
  • Raw Yogurt Cheese
  • Raw Cheddar Cheese
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Unsalted Butter


  • Organic Fettuccine Noodles
  • Organic Spaghetti Noodles


  • Organic Sprouted Corn Tortillas
  • Organic Sprouted Wheat Tortillas

Canned Goods

  • Organic Tomato Paste
  • Organic Canned Pumpkin

Frozen Goods

  • Homegrown Tomatoes (from last years harvest)
  • Organic Strawberries
  • Organic Blueberries
  • Organic Green Beans
  • Organic Corn
  • Organic Peas


  • Grass-fed Ground Beef and Steaks
  • Beef Bones for Making Stock
  • Organic Fed Whole Chicken
  • Wild Fish
  • Fresh Organic-Fed Free-Range Eggs

Homemade Staples

  • Wheat Bread (made once or twice a week)
  • Pizza Dough
  • Cereal/Granola
  • Wheat Flour Tortillas
  • Fruit Leather (just started this one)
  • Granola Bars (soon to be a staple)

I buy most of our bulk items from Azure Standard. Most of our produces comes from a local organic farmer and a co-op I am a part of. I also buy some produce from the organic section of our local grocery store. I buy grass-fed beef from my neighbor and the chicken and fish from the meat section of our local grocery store. I have also purchased coconut oil and a few other things from Amazon. From time to time I do get to shop at Trader Joe’s or Lassen’s as well.

There are many things I still want to learn but have to remind myself to embrace the learning process and continue moving forward. I hope to learn how to make sourdough bread and buttermilk this month. I also have been wanting to try to make fermented salsa since my family loves tacos.

So, that’s it πŸ™‚ . I would for you share items you have in your pantry. I am always looking to add things to my list.

4 Responses to “What’s in My Pantry, You Ask?”

  • My list looks a lot like yours with a few exceptions on the dairy (raw Cows Milk) & bread/Cereal/flour (still store bought, organic when i can find it).
    I just recently started making my own yogurt, still working out kinks but I have yet to have a batch that was undrinkable/eatable. Once i get that down I’m going to experiment with making mozzarella & ricotta cheese. These are items we spend a lot of money on each month. We also make our own pasta, in fact tonight is a ravioli making night, & i freeze them in large batches.

    i need to learn how to do the granola bars, bread (ok i know how just need a push on this one lol) & fruit leather (this sounds fun!).

    We shop primarily at 3 stores. Trader Joe’s (i only buy organic usually dry goods), EarthFare (Local,organic or 3rd party cert. non-gmo fruits, veg & meat/seafood/cheese) & Bi-Lo (local supermarket with an ok selection on organic produce & some local).
    We are on a tight budget but it has lessened a lot with kicking junk out. My monthly budget is $425 a month for a family of five.

  • Watching the movie Food Inc. really moved me to making room in the budget for more organic foods & to venture into raising my own meat birds, garden, etc. One thing that I’ve been working on is a master price list for the things I buy or want to start buying…this helps me to know when things are a good deal and/or which store/supplier is a better deal (and for items I routinely get at Costco, I make a note if there are occasional coupons & value of coupon for that item so I know to wait for them & then stock up). I’ve noticed that Costco has started carrying more organic products and most of those are unbeatable in price (frozen mixed veggies & corn, canned diced tomatoes & tomato sauce, fresh carrots & lettuce & spinach, and I’ve found organic whole chickens at the Lancaster one). The price list helped me to find the best deal on organic coconut oil which wasn’t at any of the co-ops, but instead online at the Vitamin Shop (if you spend over $75 its free shipping if I remember right). If you don’t have a Costco card but are interested in shopping there sometime, let me know…you could always come on one of my shopping trips & they’ll let you use my card if you pay cash.
    I really want to learn to make bread, especially sourdough since that is one of our favorites! And I got an organic pineapple from Azure to make the fermented Central American slaw…we eat a lot the non-fermented version which is why that one in particular is on my list of things to try.

  • Mona:


    I would love to learn how to make ravioli. I have tried other noodles but have never been really happy with them. Sounds like you have lots of organic stores in your area. We have to drive at least an hour to get to our nearest organic grocery store. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚


    I might take you up on that offer to going to Costco. I have heard of Vitamin Shop and I actually was getting ready to order from them but instead ordered the coconut oil on Amazon. Azure’s prices went up on their coconut oil prices so I stopped ordering through them. I would love to hear how your fermented slaw goes. Have you seen recipes in Nourishing Traditions? I think they have a Central American type slaw. I can look it up if you need me to πŸ™‚

  • Yep, I have Nourishing Traditions and that’s the recipe I was planning on following (if you look at an alternate way, it talks about the pineapple vinegar or something). I’ll let you know when I have another Costco trip planned…once you’ve been there & get an idea of what they have/prices, then you can always just ask me to pick up things for you when I’m there, or of course come along anytime…I usually end up at the Bakersfield one, but once in awhile go to Lancaster too.

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