Journey Toward Healthy Living -My Goals

Strawberries in a Blue Bowl 2Though I have made a lot of changes over the past few years, I am not as healthy as I would like to be. Years of thinking the wrong way about food and exercise have to be relearned. What I thought was healthy 2 years ago looks nothing like what I know healthy is now. There are a number of things I would like to change about my health lifestyle . So,  I have decided to write a list of goals that I think will help me reach a healthier lifestyle. Some of these things I have already changed but since they are recent changes I decided to include them since I was recently injured and had to visit this pain management clinic orlando.

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  1. Drink raw milk and eat raw cheese or goat cheese – My desire is to have the whole family drinking raw milk. Done – I bought a milking goat a little over a month ago. The husband took a while to warm up to the goat milk but now he drinks it regularly and I haven’t bought milk from the store in about a month. I have also been making goat cheese as well as buying raw cow’s milk cheese.
  2. Fresh veggies or fruit with every meal. This is something I have gotten better with but sometimes we don’t have fresh veggies with our meal. I usually have veggies but it’s not always fresh.
  3. Eat only homegrown or organic foods– Ideally I would like to either grown my own produce or buy organic. This is a difficult shift because it can be expensive to buy organic. Update – Since finding out about Azure Standard I have been able to switch to buying almost all organic foods. I also buy produce from a local organic farm on a semi-regular basis.
  4. Bake homemade bread on a regular basis. – I am getting better at this but still need to work on a routine of making bread.
  5. Buy grass-fed  beef – My neighbor happens to raise grass-fed beef so finding the beef is easy. However the price is a lot higher than the meat you buy in the store. So since my plan is to reduce meat portion sizes I think I should be able to afford buying it from time to time. Done – I recently started by meat from my neighbor once a week.
  6. Buy organic or raise chickens for meat- Done My first set of  meat chickens are almost ready and I also raised a turkey for meat this year. She will be our Christmas dinner hopefully. I have been buying whole organic chickens in the mean time.
  7. Pack healthy lunches for the hubby – I don’t pack enough lunches as it is for him so I would like to pack him regular lunches that are nutritious.
  8. Make homemade on the go snacks for family and pack lunches – I know there are a lot of things I could be doing to change my kids diet when we are on the go. I tend to stop at fast food restaurants when I am in a hurry. So I want to starting bring pack lunches and have healthy snacks with us when we are on the go.
  9. Exercise regularly and consistently – I have been able to get myself on a regular walking or horseback riding schedule but it often get put on the back burner when my life gets to busy with other things.  I would like to do more cardio exercise.
  10. Eliminate as many toxins from my diet, hygiene products and cleaning products – I have a goal to try and use more health friendly hygiene and cleaning products. I recently gave up soda which I believe is one of the causes of so many health problems. I am trying to get my family to eliminate soda from their diet as well.
  11. Ferment foods – Nourishing Traditions is a great book that talks about the benefits of fermenting foods.
  12. Learn how to make sourdough breads.
  13. Cook with soaked flours and sprouted grains.

I am sure I will be changing and adding to this list from time to time. I will try and keep you posted on my progress as well as my struggles.

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