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I’ve Come A long Way

Riding2011-1-2I have still a long way to go but I have come a long way. What used to be difficult is a little easier. What used to seem impossible now seems more attainable.

Others may see my current and wonder why. They cannot see where I have been and know how far I’ve come. They cannot see how much energy it took to get here because today it appears to be easy or it appears I struggle too much with it still.

My experiences are my own. My education in life is my own. No one but my Lord and I can see how far I’ve come. No one but my Lord knows how far I still need to go. And, I’m ok with that.

**This post is not directed at anyone. Just some thoughts I wrote down in my journal last year :)

Breaking the Silence

Today is the one year anniversary since my last post. I had not planned to take that long of a break but I guess I needed it. Looking back on last year’s events and tragedies, it’s no wonder I couldn’t find the time to post. I think it all comes down to being overwhelmed.


This time last year I had a lot to take care of. One of my 4 dairy goat does died suddenly after overeating grain. She had two orphaned kids that we ended up having to bottle feed. We incubated too many chickens and ducks. We also had meat chickens and turkeys to take care of. There was just a lot. Too much I guess.

This year I decided to take a break from raising any poultry. We won’t even be raising any meat birds. I’m sure I will raising poultry again next year but this year I’m taking a break. We have had only one goat kidding this year. One little buckling was born without any complications a week and a half ago. He’s a cute little guy that’s getting a lot attention being the “only child” on the farm.

Now that I’ve take a one year sabbatical from blogging I think I’m ready for blog life again. I am committing to writing one post a month. I can’t guarantee the posts will be interesting or entertaining but I will do my best. I may even post pictures if I can’t think of anything to say or get my thoughts together. I’ve decided to release the pressure (I put on myself) to have perfect blog posts. I’m done with trying to make things perfect. Especially where my grammar and sentence structure is concerned. I’ll tell you right now, I’m not going to fuss too much over editing. I will try not to make mistakes but I’m done with obsessing over it. I hope that doesn’t sound negative. I don’t mean to be negative. I’m just trying to not to obsess anymore because obsessing takes a lot of energy I would rather use somewhere else.

I will still be sharing a lot about my healthy living journey but I’ve decided to concentrate more on helping myself,, as well as others try to figure out why we do things the way we do and then take steps to change from there. I really don’t think there is enough discussion on the “whys”. When it comes to finding information on the Internet, there are plenty of “hows” How to make cheese. How to fold fitted sheets. How to lose pounds. How to tone your abs. But what about the “whys”? Why does food comfort you? Why are you not happy with your body? Why are you tired all the time? Why is your health declining? I think by asking the right questions, healing can take place. That’s my hope anyway.

Like I said, I am committing to one post a month. I may post more but not less. See you next month, if not sooner :)

Happenings Around the Homestead – Goat Births and Kids

Frostbite and Snowfall

Frostbite and Snowfall

This is a long overdue update. So much has happened since my last farm update. This update is all about goats, goat births and kids.
We had four pregnant does this year. Olive and Whisper, our 2 year old does gave birth to their first kids. Whispers was first. Her delivery went extremely well. She had her kids in the middle of the day and our 8 year old daughter got to watch the whole thing. She delivered on a cold snow day in April.  We named the kids Frostbite (buckling) and Whisper’s Snowfall (doeling).
I’m so thankful it went so smoothly because Olive’s delivery didn’t go so well. She delivered early in the morning a few days after Whisper. I wasn’t prepared for what to do when a baby goat gets stuck in the birth canal.Her first buckling came out fine but the second was either dead when it got the the birth canal or shortly after. We finally got him out after instruction from the breeder (over the phone) on how to get a kid with a head and one leg presenting.Olive had two huge bucks and the surviving buck we named Moose.

Huck Finn and Widow

Huck Finn and Widow

About 6 weeks later our other two does, Sweetheart and Bo Peep gave birth to their kids. Right after I breed these two I realized their due dates were the same time as the women’s retreat I planning on going to. Actually, I was heading up the retreat so it would have been really difficult if I had to cancel my trip. I had everyone praying for my goats and that they would wait till I returned home to kid. Well, God is good and cares about our wants. The day I returned from the retreat Bo Peep delivered her single buckling. It was a smooth delivery and she had a healthy kid. Though we did have to help the buckling out.

Bo Peep and Tom Sawyer

Bo Peep and Tom Sawyer

Sweetheart was the last doe to deliver (a few days later) and besides having to pull her large buckling out, all went well. Sweetheart had a buckling and a doeling. The buckling was so adventurous right out of the womb, we decided to call him Huckleberry Finn.  Which means Bo Peep buckling had to be named Tom Sawyer. Sweethearts doeling we named Widow (Douglas), partly because she’s mostly black but also because of the Huck Finn theme.

Moose and Frostbite

Moose and Frostbite

All the kids and mamas are doing well. It’s been fun having the kids around. They are so much fun to watch. I’m now if full milking mode. I’m milking 4 does in the morning but as of now only 1 at night. But that will change soon. Eventually I’ll be milking all four morning and night. My forearms and hands are going to be so buff. You can just call me Popeye :)

Whisper and Snowfall

Whisper and Snowfall

We plan to keep Snowfall because her mom, Whisper, is the best milker here.Very easy to milk. Munchkin milks her for me on a semi-regular basis.  I’m hoping her doeling is just as good of a milker. We will also be keeping Sweetheart’s doe. I like the idea of having two young does together. All the boys will be going to new homes.

Why so many does in milk, you ask? Well, our next adventure is in pig raising. We plan to feed our pigs goat milk. I’m told goat milk raised pigs make amazing pork.


photo (1)

Energy- everyone wants it but few have it. Let me tell you a little story about my energy level changing over the past few years. There was a time when I went to bed late, got up late and couldn’t make it past 2 pm without taking a nap. I struggled through the day, everyday. Always hoping that one day it would change. I became a coffee drinker. Loaded with lots of Carnation creamer, I had hoped my coffee would give me that extra boost I needed. It gave me a boost but only for a short time and the creamer made me gain weight. I resolved that gaining weight and decline in energy was just a part of getting older.

I can’t say for certain when the change took place but I began to look around and seeing my 30, 40 & 50 yr old friends developing heart conditions, disease and other serious health problems. It really scared me. Was this my fate? Should I just resolve that my health was going to decline and I was going to get fat?

The idea of not finishing my life well scared me so much that I decided to make some changes. I began researching and found that my diet was worse than I had previously thought. After all , I didn’t eat junk food ALL the time! ;) The transformation took a couple of years but now I go to bed early, wake up early, drink a cup of tea (occasionally I’ll have a cup of coffee because I want it but not because I have to) and I have energy that usually carries me through the day. And if I need a nap, I take one. I changed my diet, get adequate amount of rest and sleep and get my exercise through my farm chores and horseback riding. It’s naturally induced sustainable energy. Its energy that doesn’t require caffeine to keep me going. I have more energy than I’ve had since I was a kid.

If it is your desire to find naturally induced energy then start now by beginning the process of resolve. Resolve in your mind that you don’t have to follow the American norm. You don’t have to develop health problems and gain weight. And if you already have, most health conditions can be reversed or at least improved by changing the way you care for yourself. And the weight can always be lost. The great thing about energy is, if you loose it somewhere along the way, you can always find it again. Most importantly don’t be hard on yourself. I have found it takes more energy to allow my thought patterns to tear me down than it does to remind myself of truth. So start by meditating on this truth: You are a loved creation of God. He has great plans for your life and wants what’s best for you. 

It may take you years to wrap your mind around changing (like it did me). But the change is worth it, trust me :)

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